Currently, we only serve the San Diego area, but hope to expand to other cities in the near future.   We do not ship.  Fish are purchased in-person from local breeders.

Our goal at LFS is to connect aquarium hobbyists with breeders in their own city.  We act as a digital broker to help find your next healthy, locally bred tank mate at a great price!  Don't pay high shipping fees and deal with stressed fish from online auction sites or online fish farms/stores.  Your next fish might be at a local breeder in your own city where you can just drive over and pick it up at a far lower price.  

Buying fish locally used to mean combing through Craigslist before the ad was taken down (since they do not allow sales of live animals) and then not knowing if the seller is legit.  Or you had to belong to that one special Facebook group and  go through posts dealing with multiple sellers and trying to see who was reputable.  Or you could pay a fee and join your local fish club and wait for the once a month club auction and risk getting outbid.  Now imagine there was one place online that curated all the best local breeders in town and then vetted their fish stock to confirm that they had healthy, thriving fish for you at a great price.  This is our mission here at LFS.  We will be your main point of contact and help facilitate your local tank mate purchase.  As we always say, locally bred fish are less stressed, healthier, sustainable, and better adapted to local waters and conditions.  

Here is how our process works:

Since we deal directly with local breeders  rather than massive overseas fish farms,  our offerings can be limited.  For a wider and more consistent variety, we do encourage supporting your local fish store.  We only hope that you consider us as another option in the search for your next tank mate.

We are currently doing a soft launch of our website and services.  In the future, we hope to add more selection , credit card processing, and expand to even more cities across the country.

Thank you for giving us a chance to earn your business!

Please send us a message.  We promise to respond promptly!